The LHS 4-H Club has had a busy month. Many of our 4-Hers participated in the Fireman’s Federal Credit Union Financial and Fitness Fair. We helped teach many students about fitness and how they can better manage their finances. The CRD Committee also collected pop-tabs from the school and community to benefit the Roland McDonald House Charity.

In addition, we also decorated our Christmas tree at the Bonfire Festival. Thanks to all 4-Hers who helped make ornaments and decorate our tree.
The LHS 4-H Club has been hard at work since the start of the school year. Our club celebrated National 4-H Week by hanging signs around school to inform students of our club and encourage them to join. We also had a 4-H T-Shirt day and at the end of the week all 4-H members were awarded a cookie.

In addition to National 4-H Week, many students from our Club volunteered at the annual Ag Day held at the Fast Food Farm held on Thursday, October 17th. The Fast Food Farm's mission is to to provide a creative learning tool for schools, organizations, and the community to educate youth and adults about the importance of agriculture and how it connects with the origin of their favorite fast foods. Volunteers helped students from around the St. James Parish School district learn more about agriculture by volunteering in different booths. In these booths, students learned  about different topics relating to agriculture and did hands on activities. Some volunteers even served as tour guides, helping guide the visitors around the Fast Food Farm.

Our club was also present at the Healthy Lifestyles Fun Run/Walk held at Gramercy Park on October 10th. This event helps support our parish's 4-H program for awards, educational trips, and service projects. Thanks to all who participated.